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As you may know, I've written Personal Branding with LinkedIn. The other books you'll find listed below either feature my story or work. In some cases the respective author interviewed me or invited me to write a guest chapter for them.

Book cover of Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's book called Personal Branding with LinkedIn.

Personal Branding with LinkedIn: The Think Natalia Method

(Dr. Natalia Wiechowski · May 2020)

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BullyProof: Using Subtle Strength to Influence Alphas...

(Rob Fazio · May 2022)

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Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition: Your A-Z Pathway...

(Julia McCoy · Feb 2021)

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How a Hashtag Changed The World: Stories, Lessons and...

(Anna McAfee, Nicole Johnston · Sep 2020)

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Think Video. Smart Video Marketing & #Influencing

(Arcas, Delgado & Alexis · Dec 2018 Year)

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