Books by Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

In 2020, we decided to do it. To publish our first book (as a paperback and Kindle). We first did so in German. Gosh… how nervous we were! But all the focus and smart work was worth it: Within less than 24 hours, my team and I made it to:

  • No. 1 in E-Commerce books
  • No. 1 in Marketing in general books and
  • No. 2 in Online Marketing books

In December 2020, BookAuthority also featured our book amongst the “22 Best New LinkedIn eBooks to Read in 2021”.

During my second sabbatical, Team Dr. Nat has once again done a sensational job, not only collecting all my social media content, but also analyzing and evaluating it. We took the 25 most popular stories as a basis and shared them with you in detail in our second book. On top of that, we sprinkled hopefully useful insights about the journey to the authentic self and numerous mindfulness exercises for your personal growth plan.

Have fun reading and good luck with the implementation of the newly learned aspects, as well as with doing the (inner) work.

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski posing for a portrait wearing a blue dress.

Barefaced Authenticity

What can personal growth look like when we focus completely on it? How do we systematically leave our comfort zone and have fun during a transformation? What may we consider before such a (spiritual) journey?

In this book, I answer these questions about self-exploration and consciousness expansion. Worth reading for anyone who is already on their adventure or about to take a sabbatical.

My 25 personal stories uncover outdated patterns of thought and behavior, offer “healthier” alternatives, and show us how to truly(er) experience, decode, and feel ourselves and life. Get your copy now!

Personal Branding with LinkedIn

What is personal branding? Isn’t self-marketing only for celebrities, athletes and extroverts? Why do I need personal branding? How do I build a top personal brand? And why should I do this on LinkedIn?

In this book, I answer these and other questions about the topic “brand me.” You will love this book if you are ready to learn, reflect, and implement practical advice from me, and are interested in profound and humorous insights about life, happiness, career, success, and the journey to my best self. Order a copy for yourself here!