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We don’t know about you but what we’d really appreciate when we follow our own role models and sources of inspiration, is a section on their web page where you can find all of the free resources they’ve ever created. Their amazing interviews, articles, videos, courses, etc. …

Ok, ok. That might be a little bit “too much” to ask for. 😉 But what about the most popular or most watched content pieces? Sort of a “best of content library”?

Based on that wish, we’ve collected everything noteworthy we’ve (co-)created over the last seven years, to analyze it and provide you with a selection of what we’ve shared with the world: Articles and interviews, podcasts, videos and radio interviews, books (my own ones, as well as guest chapters and features) and online courses.

For now, our topics can be divided into two categories: Holistic Personal Rebranding, “the new stuff”, which is pretty self-explanatory, and LinkedIn Unicorn Days. The latter category mainly focusses on the topics personal branding, LinkedIn, organic content marketing and social selling.

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski posing for a portrait wearing a blue dress.

Self Growth: Holistic Personal Rebranding

Yes, this subpage is still in its infancy, as we just went through a “wild” inner transformation, a slightly messy and fun rebranding process and book launch after my second, self-imposed sabbatical.

We promise you to fill this space with numerous exciting stories and topics over the next years: Mindfulness, balance, creativity, freedom, self-care, wellbeing, joy, inner work, “spiritual awakening”, the power of your subconscious mind and truthful success will be just a handful of them.

Maybe, in the meantime, also have a look at our LinkedIn Unicorn Days resources. Surely, you’ll find something interesting, empowering and/or edutaining amongst those content pieces, too.

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LinkedIn Unicorn Days

Here you’ll see various resources and material from my “old life”, as a performance obsessed entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, international keynote speaker, LinkedIn (marketing) unicorn and not so spiritual human YET. Hihi. 😉

The focus of this content lies on authentic personal branding, charismatic thought leadership, unique positioning, the art of storytelling, lead-generating content marketing, strategic network expansion, getting free PR with ease and social selling on LinkedIn.

Fully commit and implement just one hack, advice or strategy from us and I can almost guarantee you that things will flow much smoother than before… fingers crossed!

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