General Terms & Conditions

1. General, Scope of Application

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski (hereinafter referred to as coach), conducts coachings, online courses, general personal and business consultations, workshops and other events according to these General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). Dr. Natalia Wiechowski is also a book author and composes works and writings that are offered for sale. By placing an order, the customer (hereinafter referred to as the client) is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Deviations from these terms and conditions must be agreed upon in writing. Deviating terms and conditions of the client shall not apply unless they have been expressly agreed to in writing.

2. Conclusion of contract

A contract is concluded when the client places an order and the coach accepts the order. The placing of the order by the client and the acceptance of the order by the coach can be done by e-mail, in writing, by WhatsApp or by a booking platform.

3. Demarcation from psychotherapy

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski is not a psychotherapist and does not replace one. Coaching is based on a coach-client-relationship, which is characterized by a cooperative partnership and clearly distinguishes the role of the coach from therapists and doctors. Psychotherapy is problem and symptom oriented, it deals with the past and strives to heal old wounds. Coaching is solution-oriented and focused on the present and future. Psychotherapy is the targeted treatment of a “mental illness”. Coaching serves the “healthy” person, who is capable of acting and self-reflection. The result of coaching is not the alleviation of psychological complaints, but the individual development of the client, which is accompanied by an increase in his/her general quality of life. Each client is responsible for him-/herself before, during and after the coaching. By placing an order, the client simultaneously confirms that he/she feels mentally and physically healthy and is able to participate in the coaching. By placing an order, the client also expressly declares that he/she has read and understood the General Terms and Conditions.

4. Appointment and registration

The date of a coaching session and the location are mutually agreed upon by coach and client. Registration for events takes place exclusively in writing, by e-mail, WhatsApp or through a booking platform.

5. Offers, fees, terms of payment

The offers are subject to change. Subject to change without notice. For all offers, the fees published on the website and/or stated in the event announcement will be charged. All prices quoted are in EURO and include VAT, unless otherwise agreed. Invoicing and payment in other currencies are possible. Invoices are generally payable immediately without deduction, unless otherwise agreed. In case of late payment, further execution of the current contract may be suspended until full payment of the total order. The client will receive a confirmation and an invoice to transfer the amount in due time.

6. Cancellation of a coaching appointment by the client

Cancellation or rescheduling of a personal coaching appointment is possible free of charge until two working days before the appointment at the latest. In case of a later cancellation or postponement of an appointment as well as in case of no-show, the fee for the agreed time will be charged in full.

7. Cancellation of a coaching appointment by the coach

The coach has the right to terminate the cooperation at any time or to cancel coaching lessons for important reasons – such as illness of the coach or force majeure. In this case, only the hours worked will be charged. Further claims, especially claims for damages, are not possible.

8. Data protection

The client agrees that personal data will be stored and processed within the framework of the contractual relationship. All personal data will of course be treated confidentially.

9. Liability

The coach undertakes to carry out coaching, workshops, etc. carefully to the best of her knowledge and belief. There is no guarantee for success of the coaching or at events. Liability is excluded. The client confirms with the appointment to act self-responsible and to release the coach from all liability claims. The client acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for his/her physical and mental health and that he/she is responsible for any damages caused.

10. Intellectual Property

All content on the website, including texts, books, images, graphics, logos, videos and protected trademarks are intellectual property of the coach, which may not be reproduced or used without express written consent. This also applies to documents that are handed over to the client in the course of a coaching session.

11. Confidentiality

The coach undertakes to maintain confidentiality about all professional, business and private matters of the client that become known in the course of the activity, even after the termination of the contract.

12. Place of performance, choice of law

Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the place of performance and payment shall be the registered office of the of the coach.

13. Severability clause

Any invalidity of one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provision, a substitute provision shall apply which corresponds or comes close to the sense and purpose of the contract and which the parties would have agreed upon in order to achieve the same economic result if they had known about the invalidity of the provision.

Status: September 2023