About Dr. Nat & Her Adventure to Wholeness

Hello fellow flawsome human being, and thank you once again for visiting our web page. If you’ve never heard about us and are interested in getting to know me, “Dr. Nat”, the face of this “movement” and business, a little bit better, I invite you to read My Story.

Not much of a story fan? You’re rather the type of person who looks for “hard facts” and concrete details? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading in Achievements, Honors and Awards instead.

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski posing for a photo wearing a blue dress.

My Story

My name is Dr. Natalia Wiechowski. I’m a social scientist and doctor of philosophy (focus: communication, socialization and culture). As a former international, bilingual speaker, best-selling author and multi-award winning LinkedIn unicorn, I’ve worked with leading entrepreneurs and global brands such as SAP, BCG, Deloitte, Capgemini, Bosch and Accenture.

After an ego-crushing sabbatical and a deeply humbling transformation – Forbes named me “Top 10 Inspiring Business Persons to Watch in the Middle East in 2022” – I came to the conclusion that even the loftiest ambitions are meaningless. Creativity, the ability to keep recreating myself, becoming the mystery of who I am, is my real internal motivator.

The real Natalia is a mixture of Morpheus, Neytiri and a pulsating ball of energy. What do I mean by that? I love bringing structure to confusion and chaos. And the “right” amount of chaos into “too much” structure; I challenge people to see clearly (with the heart, not the mind), to look through the veil of conditioned illusions and limiting thought and behavioral patterns. Guiding them to a “healthier” reality; destroying myths with clear communication, questioning everything and deciphering perceptions, leads me back to my center….

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski delivering a keynote on stage.

…just like exploring the depth of the unknown with childlike curiosity, joy and courage. Bringing it into the known through words, images, poetry, beauty, dance, and other art, building a bridge to the Universe and celebrating, trusting life, the present moment, is my bliss and mission.

My soul food? To revel in the mysteries of life, to travel, grow and explore. For example, when telling stories and accompanying those who live disillusioned, unbalanced lives, or those who are on the path to reconnecting with their vitality, inner truths and highest self.

Genuine authenticity and uniqueness, based on humanness, integrated self-love, -respect, -acceptance and deepest transformation, the adventure to the true self, is what I want to support and convey “in this round”.

If I can only inspire a few individuals to a more fulfilling life, more (inner) freedom and “awakening”, I’ll have made my contribution to the long-term, sustainable success of humanity. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome plan? 😊

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski kneeing next to a giant turtle.
“The term flawsome consists out of the two words flaws and awesome. To me, flawsome describes a human being who acknowledges, embraces and works on their flaws. Because the owning and integration of these attributes is what makes us powerful, vital and authentic beyond our wildest imagination...”

Achievements, Honors & Awards

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