Work with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

As you know, we love simplicity, balance and efficiency. So, after a lot of pondering, listening, testing and feedback from our community, we decided to offer three edutaining ways how to work with us: Monthly Mentorings, The Brand-New True You (our signature program), and our Strategy Day.

The Monthly Mentoring takes place online and lasts 30 days. Our The Brand-New True You is also based on online sessions. Please bring at least six weeks of your time with you. The Strategy Day is a full day, ideally spent in Dubai or Bali.

Click on the respective services to learn more about the typical challenges we solve, top 5 end results and what else you’ll receive. Please note that these are illustrative examples based on unique human experiences and growth scenarios. Your situation and outcomes might look totally different. 😊

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski posing for a portrait wearing a blue dress and pointing at the camera.

Monthly Mentoring: Work YOUR Way &
Experience More Joy

Online, 1:1, 1 month

Choose this option if you have an urgent bizz, work and/or personal brand challenge you want to solve. E.g., when you feel frustrated, are struggling with your digital marketing efforts or doubt your entrepreneurial decisions. We can also focus on one of our signature program topics.

Let’s leave the “shoulds” behind and build a (LinkedIn) work/business strategy in alignment with your true self and energy type.


The challenges I solve:

  • I guide you in overcoming feelings of unfulfillment, purposelessness, stuckness & exhaustion in your work life
  • We’ll end the “endless search” on the outside: E.g., Am I on the right path? Do I need to offer webinars?
  • I eliminate conditioned thought & behavioral patterns that stand between you & mastering your life’s work
  • I replace mistrust and fear with childlike curiosity, connection & joy
  • Based on your Human Design, I help you remember who you really are and build a more authentic positioning
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski sitting at a wooden table in a living room in Bali.

Top 5 end results:

  1. Clarity about your focus, goals, priorities & next steps
  2. A structured action plan with deadlines for your journey
  3. More energy, visibility, (inner) peace, freedom & clients
  4. A “healthier” and more loving perception of self & reality
  5. An improved ability to positively impact & empower people

What you’ll also receive:

  • A dose of inspiration, empowerment & zest for life
  • A bridge to the Universe, more creativity & flow and/or…
  • …. more precision, accuracy and pragmatic solutions
  • Increased courage to explore the depth of the unknown
  • A simple yet profound tool for your inner dialogue


Depending on the challenge you might also get:

  1. Creative practices for your growth (e.g. manifestation exercises, anger release tools, healthy boundary scripts)
  2. Solid online business knowledge, insights, & understanding
  3. Direct introductions to experienced topic experts
  4. A Human Design report with an overview about
    1.  your talents, gifts, and uniqueness
    2.  aspects you’re allowed to embrace to become whole & YOUnique
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski laying in the gras with closed eyes.

The Brand-New True You: Reclaim Your Real Self & Aligned Business

Online, 1:1, (at least) 6 weeks

Choose this option when you have a bizz but don’t enjoy running it anymore. On your growth/scaling journey you somehow lost your (true) self and built a structure, which is like a stunning but way too tight dress. It looks great. And you can’t properly breathe in that thing…

Call it becoming a conscious entrepreneur, lifestyle entrepreneur or digital nomad. The core idea is: I’ll guide you in living and working the way YOU want. In alignment with your authentic values and holistic definition of success.

Let’s get you a mindset upgrade, explore your YOUnique way of being, learn tools to stay loyal to yourself, understand how to evolve consciously, reposition you on LinkedIn, master the art of storytelling and content creation, shall we?


The challenges I solve:

  • I empower you to let go of what isn’t yours: in your work flow, bizz strategy, positioning, online marketing, etc.
  • I lower feelings of doubts, unworthiness, exhaustion, not living your purpose and/or not being heard
  • I help you reduce distractions & “wrong” growth decisions
  • I bust myths, misperceptions & illusions about your(true)self
  • I show you what real transformation is about
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski sitting in a giant wooden hole wearing a blue dress.

Top 5 end results:

  1. An overview about your soul’s journey*, “superhuman” abilities & challenges
  2. A structured action plan for your true self & business
  3. Habits, strategies, routines that feel right and work for you
  4. More joy, energy, (inner) peace, balance, ease, and…
  5. …visibility on LinkedIn, qualified leads, increased reach with your content & free PR-opportunities

What you’ll also receive:

  • Various workbooks, templates, checklists and videos
  • A big dose of energy, inspiration, enthusiasm & zest for life
  • A bridge to the Universe – your “bestie” from now onwards
  • Increased courage to explore the depth of the unknown
  • Numerous “magical” (aha-)moments


Depending on the challenge you might also get:

  1. Creative tools, practice, & resources  for your growth
  2. Solid entrepreneurial knowledge, insights, and strategies
  3. Introductions to experienced transformational experts
  4. The reminder you’re human & to see clearly – with your heart, not mind
  5. Constructive feedback regarding your workshop, event, etc.
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski leaning against a balustrade at sun set.

Strategy Day: Step Into your True Creative Power & Design the Bizz/Life(style) You Deserve

In person, full day + 1  month mentoring

Choose this option if you want to spend a day with me – ideally in Dubai, or Bali – during which we’ll deep dive into your business, habits, performance, self-care practice, LinkedIn routine and/or current challenges. We can also work on up to two signature program topics.

Together we’ll reduce stress, mistrust and fears and expand your awareness, vitality, efficiency, and “open doors in your head”.


The challenges I solve:

  • Everything I’ve already mentioned above 😉 Plus:
  • I eliminate limiting thought and behavioral patterns…
  • …and outdated bizz processes, habits & energy-depleting (personal branding/social/LinkedIn) strategies
  • I help you use your multiple talents & speed in a wiser way
  • I lead you into presenting yourself more truthfully & aligned
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski standing in front of the Burj Al Arab.

Top 5 end results:

  1. Clarity about your goals, challenges and growth priorities
  2. An increase in precision, accuracy, discipline & consistency
  3. Improved authenticity, manifestation power & self-love
  4. More ease, impact, money, energy, joy, flexibility & harmony
  5. Amplified courage to do the (inner) work & explore the depth of the unknown

What you’ll receive:

  1. Solid entrepreneurial knowledge, insights, & hacks
  2. A 6–9-month long action plan for your journey to your real self & bizz
  3. Detailed questions to contemplate on, exercises & to-dos
  4. 1-month mentoring after the strategy day
  5. Various pictures of this day for your social channels
  6. A big dose of energy, inspiration, enthusiasm & zest for life
  7. Creative tools, practices & resources for your growth
  8. A shout-out on LinkedIn (I have 110.00+ Followers)
  9. Assistance with hotel, restaurant & apps recommendations
  10. Direct introductions to trusted topic experts & guides
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski standing next to the sculpture of master Yoda.