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Who am I in a nutshell?

My name is Dr. Natalia Wiechowski. I’m a holistic Personal Rebranding Mentor, Best-selling Author, Doctor of Philosophy and Story telling & writing Nomad. Or, in other words: I guide self-actualizers in bringing their true selves back into their business. So that their personal brands don’t only LOOK good on LinkedIn, but FEEL great in real life…

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Who doesn’t want to hear a great story?

We love to share our latest insights, truth bombs and adventures on social; and it’s even more fun to compile our stories into books. You choose if you prefer reading them in English or German, as a paperback or Kindle…

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How you can work with us

You’re ready to explore the depth of the unknown with a holistic mentor by your side? Meet your inner self? Have a look at your soul map? Get your personal and/or business growth into alignment? You’ll find more information, inspiration and empowerment in this section.

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Success Stories

Faithful Hero & Heroine’s Journeys

What are typical results when working with us? How are we able to add value to your life, personal growth and business? As each human is unique, we decided to share a handful of uplifting case studies about the powerful unlocking of the hidden higher purpose and gifts with you

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Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's client Dr. Hayder Schneider.

Dr. Hayder Schneider

Head of Product

I had the privilege of working with Natalia and I cannot recommend her enough! What sets Natalia apart is her ability to integrate human design with personal branding and business...

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Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's client Rebecca Deller.

Rebecca Deller

Chief Happiness Officer

After feeling completely stuck with my job search and needing inspiration to move forward, just one session with Natalia helped me shift my mindset. Natalia was able to clear my...

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Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's client Zaher AlZahr.

Zaher AlZahr

Entrepreneur & Storyteller

Natalia, I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of your support and guidance on my journey towards self-growth and development. Your unwavering encouragement and...

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Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's client Mayya Rudakova.

Mayya Rudakova

Executive Assistant & Projects Admin 

Having a True Self Discovery session with Dr. Nat was a mind blowing experience for me. After working with Natalia for four years, and being involved into many sessions with...

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