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Whoops…yes, this subpage is still in its infancy, as we “just” went through an intense rebranding, relaunch, and book launch phase after my second sabbatical and radical inner transformation.

We promise you to fill this space with numerous exciting stories and topics over the next years: Mindfulness, balance, energy types and holistic, truthful success will be just a handful of them. If some of the big questions you have are:

  • What is real personal growth about?
  • How can I become a more authentic person?
  • What does inner work mean?
  • How do I “define” my true self?
  • How do I practice mindfulness?
  • Why is self-acceptance important?
  • How can I and my business grow spiritually?
  • How do I practice shadow work?

…you’ll like this space. I’m sure. 😊

Maybe, in the meantime, also have a look at our LinkedIn Unicorn Days resources. Surely, you’ll find something interesting inspiring, intriguing, empowering and/or edutaining amongst those content pieces, too.


English and German cover of Dr. Natalia Wiechowski's book barefaced authenticity.

Barefaced Authenticity

What can personal growth look like when we focus completely on it? How do we systematically leave our comfort zone and have fun during a transformation? What may we consider before such a (spiritual) journey?

In this book, I answer these questions about self-exploration and consciousness expansion. Worth reading for anyone who is already on their adventure or about to take a sabbatical.

My 25 personal stories uncover outdated patterns of thought and behavior, offer “healthier” alternatives, and show us how to truly(er) experience, decode, and feel ourselves and life. Get your copy now!

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